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Wheel Spin (Read Description)

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Please make sure if you want your bag featured on Tik Tok. Checkout with the TikTok order packing or else they will not be featured.

One spin on the wheel will get you a bag valued at or over the $25 spin total. If you want a live order packing video you may add the TikTok packaging to your order. 

All bags are non refundable and remember this is a random pick so you will get the items that have already been curated for the bags, I will not be able to switch items out for other items. These bags are already curated and ready to go. No two bags are the same! They may have similar items but no two bags will have the exact same items.


Bags can contain, raw stones, carvings, towers, spheres, palm stones, bracelets, tumbles, and one of a kind pieces! Pictures are just items that could be contained in your bag! All bag totals will be valued at the spin amount or more. Reminder, If you want a live order packing video you may add the TikTok packaging to your order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Erica Sanders
Great Fun!!!

The wheel spins are a fun approach to a mystery order, and are a great value!! A lot of care and creativity clearly goes into each prize bag!

Cindy Armstrong
Wheel Spin

I love doing the wheel spin. It was fun and I received in my bag items that had more value then what I spent. I'll be buying more wheel spins if she does it again.

Crystal Hicks

Since part of the order was my daughter's birthday, I didn't get to keep much from these! They were incredible, but I did keep, and dared her to try to take the mini tiger eye dolphin! She loves everything!

Stefanie Gaasch

I absolutely love my order thank you so much

Alexis Delka
Alexis’s Crystals

Love them!! Cannot get over how beautiful the rose quarts slab and labradorite free form is!! Also orca agate is one of my favorites now.